Saturday, September 14, 2013


Tomorrow will be my 10th September 15th.
MY tenth birthday.

I say that because I was born that day.
The me I am today.
It was the day the life I knew ended forever and 
My new life began.
A richer life.
A fuller life.
A blessed life.

A life with deeper cuts.
but purer joy.
A life with harder roads
but richer colors.

I know this.

I was just spending time with the night sky.
That sky I have spent so many hours talking to.
He's out there.
He sees me.
He's watched my transformation.

Tomorrow the boys I made will be ten.
And so will the mom they made.
Praying the peace I feel now, will last through tonight.
Follow me.
Goodnight, My Love.

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  1. My tears today are for your growth and in the beauty of time. Hard to believe that out of the depths of pain blessings flow. ((HUGS))
    Happy 10th Birthday to your boys!!!


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