Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Kindness of Others

There are people out there who make a difference.
There are people out there who have turned their sorrow into comfort.
Comfort for others.

When I first went to support group meetings, I met a woman who had lost many children and I remember that she was leaving the state to do mission work over seas. I remember her showing me that she and some of the other moms had bought 'real' tissue (not the sandpaper, hospital variety) for families who lost a baby. While I had probably dried my tears with those donations, I had no idea. I remember being touched and thinking that small act- just felt so big to me. So huge that someone would look at that little detail... Remember that detail, and I would benefit from it.

I have met others. Other families who have donated teddy bears, hand-made blankets and hats, CDs with songs, and notes letting new families know that they aren't alone. They aren't alone and they don't have to be. This is a family of sorts- more than a 'secret society' that I wrote about in a previous post. A family- in time of comfort, in time of sorrow. And that family extends past your town, your state, and even your country.

Today I went to the mail and found a package waiting for me from Deborah. Deborah found my blogs and left me a message. What a simple act- a reaching out- a caring simple act! Deborah made this especially for me, for moms like me, for families like mine, to dry our tears. To dry the tears of those who wonder if the tears will ever stop falling.

I think about the kindness, I think about care, and my eyes swell.
My heart swells.
The kindness of others.

If you are interested in learning more about Deborah- I have added a button for you to go directly to her site.

Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for your inspiration. I know that many have turned their sorrow into strength- strength for others.

If you've done something and want to share your ideas here, please do. Around the world people are suffering, but people are drying their tears, or perhaps working as they fall to help others!

May God bless you all in your strength- and in your kindness.
You are an inspiration to others!
You are an inspiration to me!


  1. Laura, I remember the real tissue lady. She was leaving around my 2nd meeting, Dave & I still talk about her. What Deborah is doing is an inspiration, I am so glad we have people like her in our world!

  2. Wow, how nice and unexpected...

  3. A little thing goes a long way when there is heart behind it. That is lovely

  4. I have, too, been surprised by how many people have reached out to me, who do not even know me...

    and the tissues... oh real tissues! I have donated memory boxes to the hospital before, I have gotten behind with it after my husband got sick, but I've always included a pkg of kleenex with the words "to catch your tears" and I really like the idea of a real tissue. Thank you for sharing that with me.

  5. Laura, thank you so very much. I appreciate all of your kind words. Thank you for having my button on your blog. I am going to link this to my blog if that's okay.

  6. A little thing goes a long way when there is heart behind it. That is lovely


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