Sunday, January 18, 2009

I was wearing red.

It was hard to concentrate.

Think about what he's saying!

Did they just move?

I looked down at my belly which was then just obvious to other onlookers in the pew.
I was going to be a mom.
I wished they knew my other secret by just looking. I had two babies growing inside of me.

Pay attention!

Did I just feel something?
I tried so hard to listen.


"Populate Heaven"
And then I was hooked as he began to talk about God and heaven and weave the most amazing pictures with just his words. I was going there...
I closed my eyes and dreamed of those babies- the two babies inside of me growing and (did I feel something?) moving. I dreamed of them living their lives and those who knew them would know something was different about them and they would wonder... The way they lived their lives, others would wonder- what's so different about these children?- What fills them so?


They would do it.
Populate heaven.

A smile filled my body and surely crept across my face. I looked down as my hands rubbed my belly. Something they did regularly now- without thought.

At that moment I had a prayer for my babies.
Please God let these babies populate heaven.

I looked down again at the love growing inside of me- appearing to grow right there in front of my eyes.
I glanced down again at my hands- fingers linked across that place where my children lived, safe inside my body.

I was wearing red.


  1. Breathtaking Laura! Holy cow, you need to publish this stuff.


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